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Sushi Delivered by Boat


Just come on in and the host or hostess will escort you to an empty seat at the oval sushi bar.

We'll pour you some green tea and hand you a hot moist towel to wash your hands.

You can order some sake, a refreshing Japanese beer, or a soft drink, miso soup, or seaweed salad, while you watch the continuous parade of boats float by in front of you with 3 to 4 plates per boat.

If you see something you want, simply take the tray off the boat and enjoy. No need to struggle with menus or difficult Japanese words. We provide you with chopsticks, but it is equally acceptable to use your hands.

If you don't see what you want on the boats at the moment, just select something from our menu, turn and ask our friendly wait staff and they will bring it to you in moments. That includes daily specials or one of our special desserts.

Each plate has a different color or pattern and each pattern has an associated price. When you're all done, the waitperson will tally up the number of plates of each pattern and calculate your total.

It's quick, convenient, and easy.

Even if you don't have the time to enjoy our fun ambience, use our convenient online menu program to order ahead for take-out.


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