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About Isobune Sushi  (Isobune™)


At Isobune Sushi Restaurant the speed and dexterity of our Sushi chefs will dazzle and the fun and exotic atmosphere will delight.

We consider our guests a part of the "Isobune Family" which hearkens back to the early 1970's when our founder Shoichi Imanaka brought his family to San Francisco from Japan.

Culinary Roots in the Japanese Empire

The Imanaka family owned and operated exclusive Japanese Restaurants in both Osaka and Kyoto, Japan. The Emperor of Japan and Japanese and visiting dignitaries from around the world often called upon the family to share their culinary talent. Many of the recipes and sauces we use today have been passed down from Shoichi to our present chefs.

San Francisco Japanese Restaurant Tradition

Our first restaurant in San Francisco was located on Fillmore Street between Union and Lombard and called Tsuruyoshi #2 as well as a sister restaurant operated by Shoichi's brother also called Tsuruyoshi #1 located on Kearny Street in downtown San Francisco.

In 1978, we opened Kushi Tsuru Restaurant and have been providing San Francisco a truly authentic family oriented Japanese dining experience.

After the success of Kushi Tsuru, Shoichi went back to Japan and returned with a crazy idea to deliver sushi on boats. Mieko Imanaka, Shoichi's wife, came up with the name "Isobune™" The word "Iso" means seafront and "bune" means boat.

Original Sushi Boat Restaurant®

In 1982, we opened Isobune in Japantown. Isobune (pronounced: ee-so-boo-nay) quickly became the spot for "high quality sushi truly affordable for everyone." With the fun food delivery of boats floating in a circular canal, similar to a horse race track and delivering fresh sushi dishes to customers seated around the bar.

We offer a full array of Sushi and traditional Japanese foods. Bringing people together in a casual atmosphere of laughter, warmth, and lively conversation is our specialty, and providing the highest quality Sushi with impeccable service is our mission. At Isobune and Kushi Tsuru, diners are always "Honored Guests."

Come and experience the fun of our boats, the quality of our food, and the convenience of an efficient and enjoyable dining experience where your satisfaction is our pleasure.


1737 Post Street | San Francisco | 415-563-1030 | Located in SF Japantown japantown logo  

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