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"Sushi swimming in an endless stream of goodness in front of your watering mouth and in full reach of your voracious grip? You got it.

The selection is vast but authentic (no so-called 49ers roll here, folks), the fish is high quality (toro sashimi!), and, if your purse is quavering at the sight of those sneakily-priced plate-boats, you can always ask for the menu and regulate your appetite accordingly. If you can't find what you're looking for amongst the nautical sushi, just ask for it from the grounded foot-staff. Whatever your fancy, it'll be satisfied here.

Located in Japantown, the lay-out and decor of the restaurant are accommodating, picturesque, and unassuming. The service is polite and the chefs entertaining."

Gemma J.
San Francisco, CA



"Isobune has some of the best sushi in San Francisco and is a blast. What a great way to sample different types of sushi, just sit and pick the best looking items off of boats as they float by. Every time I visit the city, I make sure to get at least one meal at Isobune. You should too! "

Bob C.                                             Longboat Key, FL



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Welcome to Isobune Sushi in San Francisco!

Isobune® (pronounced: ee-so-boo-nay)Sushi in San Francisco is the Original Sushi Boat Restaurant® conveniently located in Japan Center in the heart of San Francisco's Japantown.

Come and experience our fun and festive restaurant atmosphere around a water canal filled with sushi-laden wooden boats.

Enjoy the convenience of a constant parade of diverse sushi dishes, pass before your eyes for the taking: maki rolls, cones, and sashimi dishes, traditional Japanese preparations or our own special creations.

Enjoy the show as our two master sushi chiefs stand in the middle of the bar and dexterously prepare and continually replenish the sushi boats with fresh selections.

Sushi for Beginners and Aficionados Alike

Are you new to sushi? Perfect. No need to worry what to order, just take what you find appealing, and be as adventurous as you like!

Sushi is not all raw fish. There is also cooked egg, tofu, cooked crab salad, cooked crab rolls, barbequed eel, cooked prawns, cooked shrimp salad, Tempura rolls, cucumber rolls, avocado rolls, and much more!

If you don't see a selection you want, just turn to our helpful staff and make a special request, and in moments it will be delivered to you.

Convenient Japanese Dining

Customers love us for the convenience. If you're in a hurry there's no waiting for orders: just take what you like or try something new, a new food experience is literally within your reach!

If you're on the run and don't have time to sit? Use our convenient online ordering menu and we'll put together a special bento box for you to pick up to take back to your office, home or for a picnic.

Japan Center offers convenient underground parking. As of March 31 2014 we will no longer validate.

Locals and tourists love to come and experience the exotic shops and displays of Japan Center. When you do, please plan on visiting us for a quick or relaxed meal around the bar with Green Tea, Sake, or a refreshing Japanese Beer.

If you prefer a more traditional Japanese dining experience and more diversity of cooked dishes, a few steps away is our sister restaurant Kushi Tsuru where you can order a variety of traditional Japanese foods as well as a full sushi menu.


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